Sally Rice is a photographer and writer based in Southern California, specializing in visual journalism.  Her photography career began at 19, while studying art history in Florence, Italy, as an exchange student through California State University, San Francisco.  She remained in Italy for 11 years working as an international tour guide leading academic study tours,  while traveling extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

After returning to the United States,  she found employment in the motion picture industry working as  a costume designer specializing in commercial advertising and still photography.

“Traveling the world as an international tour guide, followed by a career in television advertising has given me a solid foundation for my work as a multi-media, visual journalist.”

In 2008 Sally turned her focus to journalism and photography.

Making Sense of Monsters, a memoir by Sally Rice was published in June, 2012, and is available through amazon.com and local outlets.